New York State of Mind

Billy Joel' s song, "New York State of Mind", wonderfully describes the vitality and energy that is constantly supporting this city.  Some could say that there is a unique energy source that is a conductor of creation.  This is not a surprise to most New Yorker's. In fact, many New Yorker's are in a constant state of creation.  What seems like the norm here is having a job and then two side projects. This type of constant movement can zap you. There are many moments living in NY where I have said, "this is not the path of least resistance, what the He@$# am I doing here."  Then it seems like those moments soon pass and I, like Billy, have fallen in love with everything that makes this city great once again.

Chinese Medicine, hands down, is one of the best ways of recharging the weary NY body and soul. Since it views your body as being an energetic system; when our energies become depleted we have certain restorative acupuncture points and Chinese Herbs to help bring our energy back to balance. There are also great Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture points used to help balance our courage and willpower which are vital to living in this city

More importantly, Chinese Medicine views every individual as having gifts and skills that are only unique to each person to put forth their own creativity in this world.  When we aren't tapping into these gifts and doing what inspires us, low energy and depression occur. Chinese Medicine can help in moving through creative blocks because of its entrenched understanding of how humans need to express their creativity.

So when you are feeling like you can't create any energy to sustain this concrete jungle or you are feeling creatively blocked,  book an appointment, most likely you will walk out of your session with a renewed energy.