Our Body's Wisdom

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is, ‘How does acupuncture work’? My cliff note answer of it is that our bodies are this energetic system and when this energy becomes imbalanced that is when we have health issues.  Acupuncture, which is the insertion of fine needles along the body, strives to restore balance within this energy.  However, the root of all of my variations in answering this question is that acupuncture taps into our body’s wisdom.  If you think about how our body functions, heals and creates life it is utterly mind blowing.  There is a wisdom to it all.  

There is no doubt that acupuncture can tap into this wisdom. I have treated many individuals who have had years suffering from headaches, migraines, pain, digestive issues, anxiety etc. who no longer suffer from those issues after doing a round of acupuncture treatments.  I am not going to pretend that I fully understand why this is exactly happens but I do think that when we allow our body to fully relax (one of the major effects of acupuncture), then our body can tap into this inner wisdom much easier.  

There is also the balancing of the emotions and a strengthening of an individual’s “peace of mind” that is entrenched in every acupuncture treatment.  We are not just treating a person’s knee pain. We are treating knee pain and how it is connected to a person’s emotional balance which is related to how they are connecting to their hope, faith and peace of mind.   There is something extremely powerful when we are connecting to challenging issues in life from a more peaceful, present and powerful place. All of which Chinese Medicine can help us do. Other modalities which help tap into our body’s wisdom from a subtle and powerful place include reiki, craniosacral therapy, meditation, breath work and herbs.

When I get caught up in feeling overwhelmed with how things are going to “work out” with healing, I remind myself to do the things that support the body and to surrender to the wisdom that is already within.  And maybe, if I am just quiet enough, I may just learn something.