Spring: Creation and a Little Bit of Anger

One of the most fascinating aspects of Chinese Medicine is how it views the seasons in relationto our mind­-body-­spirit. Each season energetically lays an important foundation so that we canheal, create, clear and receive. Spring time is aligned with the energy of forward movement andcreation. This is the time in which the energy of spring is supporting us to start the new projectswe have always wanted to, make connections, take risks and birth new ideas. This is muchdifferent from the winter months in which the energy was supporting us to nestle in, beintrospective, and rest. Spring time is all about energetic growth and expansion. 

On a physical level, spring time is connected to our liver and digestion. What this means is if ourliver is not humming like it could be, there may be more symptoms of constipation, diarrhea,  gas, bloating, and fatigue during this time. In Chinese Medicine the liver is also connected to theeyes. During this time I’ve seen more eye issues like pink eye, dry eye and allergies. 

Our liver is also connected to the emotion of anger and irritability. This is a great time to letblocked or unexpressed anger up and out (in a safe way). Anger can be a scary emotion toconnect to, but what I have found is it is very much connected to our intuition. When we getangry about something, typically it is our intuition telling us to express something or to be moreassertive about an issue. The tricky part that every human has to negotiate is how do weexpress our anger, learn from it and let it go. This is a learning process until the day we die.  However, acupuncture can help with this as it works directly on the liver. When the liver is inbalance then self expression, letting go and forgiveness become much easier. 

Here are some tips to help bring balance into this spring season:

  • Daily Milk Thistle: This is a great herb to help support and detox the liver
  • Start doing little things toward a new project you want to create or one that has been puton the shelf.
  •  Beat a Pillow: It may feel a little funny but I can’t say enough about working the anger upand out of your body. Basically you use your fists and pound on a pillow. Let it go andsee what comes up and out. It is amazing how much better you will feel.
  • Set an intention to let it go and forgive for whatever the issue is that is creating emotionsof anger in your life. This simple intention can open up space for great healing.

“I am willing to release the need to be angry at_______ and I choose to let it go now. I amwilling to forgive myself and all who are  involved.” 

What I have found is when I do this affirmation in times when my anger kicks up for a person orsituation, it helps to shift my consciousness to the bigger picture of it all.  

  • Meditation and Exercise
  • Deep belling breathing and deep belly laughing. 

Happy spring to you!