Stuck in a Rut

I remember clearly one of the major “ruts” I was in. For years I felt this need to write more and do more public speaking. I didn’t know how to do this or where to begin. I felt paralyzed as to what would be the outcome.  Oh yea, and lets just add another factor, at the time I had an intense/paralyzing fear of public speaking. My fear was somewhat crippling and a mixed bag of quasi panic attack, sheer paralysis, hyperventilation and on the verge of crying. But there was this voice in my head, which at times felt like a nagging presence, that was giving me clear signs to start writing and to reach out to certain people for public speaking events. The more I resisted and was fearful, the more the voice in my head became louder and louder. Until one day I just started to write without any expectations as to what was going to unfold. From that day onward, a world opened up in which I write and publically speak regularly. And I can honestly say that I am out of that major rut and the fear of public speaking (sweet Jesus!).  For me, my rut was the friction of my soul wanting to express itself in this way and my mind/body shutting down that opportunity to do so. Ruts are great breeding grounds for our ego to tell us,  ‘don’t even think of doing that,’ ‘nothing will come out of this if you do that,’ ‘who do you think you are, dreaming of doing this,’ ‘you’re not good enough,’ yada, yada, yada.

Feelings of boredom, being unsure, paralysis, feeling uninspired, or feeling far removed from our vitality are all signs we are in a rut. Ruts can be tricky as they can take us down a rabbit hole of deep despair and hopelessness. When I am in a rut, I can feel an overwhelming friction of needing to do something and not knowing what to do or how to move forward.

What I have found is that moving through the “rutness” requires us to listen and trust our intuition like never before (and to block the voice of our inner and outer “naysayers”). Our intuition is our “higher self”; the side of us that is connected to our hope, trust, faith and unconditional love. Our intuition is always asking us to connect to all of the creativity and talent that we came into the world with and to be open to new possibilities of how to express our gifts.

The older I get, the more I appreciate just how wise our mind-body-spirit are. All of the answers are truly within us. If you are in a rut, you most likely already know what are some things that you would like to be doing or are being “called” to do, so to speak. If you are wanting to create something new or start a new project, I think that it is important to tell those who believe in you and who you trust. What I have found is that many people can be stuck in their own “rut” and can discourage you from moving out of yours. This is usually not intentional, but it is hard to be truly inspired by and supportive of somebody else if you are not feeling that way in your own life. Here are some things that I do to help me move through my ruts.

  • Meditate, Pray, Forgiveness work (these are all things that connect us to the higher parts of ourselves)
  • Free writing. Put the pen on the paper and just start writing for 5 minutes without lifting up the pen, see what comes up.
  • Exercise/movement (I get some of my best ideas when I am on a walk or run)
  • Being in Nature (I get some of the best ideas being in nature too)
  • Energy work (Acupuncture, Reiki, Breath work, Yoga, Chinese Herbs are all great ways to help move the energy and get out of the rut)