When Things Fall Apart

I am often reminded both personally and professionally that when things fall apart, creation and growth is around the corner.  I see this often in healing. There are moments when the physical body becomes worse before it heals itself. It can be very frustrating when you are doing the forward movement of working toward a goal while experiencing your very foundation fall away.  When this happens, we are being called to surrender. Life is a balancing act of forward movement and surrendering.  When we are fully surrendered we are not engaging in the world around us to create; when we are fully forward moving we are not allowing the process of creation to occur.  

This idea of process can be difficult to connect to.  We are a society that is fixed on timelines and guarantees. Through email, twitter, and social media we’ve spread our process of communication faster than in any time in human history subsequently setting up expectations of instant knowing and gratification.   However, there are many processes which are occurring at the perfect rate for each of our growth and development that can not be sped up.  Just like a baby needs 9 months of gestation, there are certain key life events in which process must be honored.  

Honoring process takes courageous act of having trust and faith while feeling vulnerable to the issues outside of your control.  I once had a patient who financially lost everything through bankruptcy, her marriage fell apart, and she lost her job all in a year.  I remember her saying the most impressive thing, “Well I guess this is an opportunity to recreate myself.”  

When things are falling apart re-creation is occurring. It is a process of birth, death, and creation. It is an opportunity for self reflection and how you want to move forward.  Do you want to move forward with the same thoughts, beliefs, or feelings that you have had before or are you willing to look at things differently?