Seanna is the personification of being a healer. She is warm, generous and mature beyond her years. Throughout treatment Seanna remains highly motivated and targeted with her one on one care, while consistently providing valuable, well studied, reliable and most importantly,  healing feedback. These qualities distinguish her as a unique and outstanding member of the industry, and I highly recommend her."

Barry Ivan, producer & director

Seanna cares, Seanna loves her job and Seanna quite literally changed my life. I do not shy away from speaking the truth that without Seanna I would be a very different person in a much less fortunate circumstance financially, physically emotionally and in my overall life. Spoken in the positive; Seanna made my life better and continues to provide me the tools to create that same level of full body health even while living on opposite coasts. I recently moved to the opposite side of the country and she remains an active part of my daily healing. (though I miss her hands on work everyday that I am away.)  She is more than an acupuncturist; she is a person who inserts her heart into making your life fuller and better to live in. She is gentle and honest and allows room to take charge of being a better and healthier person in this world. I live a very very active lifestyle in my work and in my daily life. Because of this active lifestyle I find myself burned out either physically or emotionally or mentally. I walk into the peace of Seanna's Office and am immediately met with some of the best care I have ever received from anyone. She provides a safe environment to move away from daily stress and focus the energy expended back onto yourself. Seanna, in her work rejuvenated my system. I have had fractured rubs, worn knees down, had sinus infections, shoulder surgery, back pain, been sad, creatively stuck, in need of a sense of support and in correcting all of this and more Seanna has proven to be my greatest ally. I leave her office refocused, centered, in significantly less pain and whole. There is never a day when Seanna is not fully present and engaged in the activity of correcting my ill. She is truly one of the major factors in why I feel so very fortunate when I wake up. She is one of the miracles in my life. I encourage whoever reads this to make the same brilliant choice I did and add Seanna to your life now.

Chris Chalk, actor

"Seanna Sifflet has a special gift when it comes to the healing art form of acupuncture.  The energy and love that she brings to her craft is exceptional and one thing that is most important when you have treatments with her is you never ever feel like you’re at the doctor’s office. You are greeted with a hug and a smile and she genuinely cares about the well-being of her patients. You will always be asked “How are YOU doing?” One of the greatest things that I realized about acupuncture by working with Seanna is that you don’t have to do acupuncture treatments for just for health issues. I have gone for treatments because I felt that I needed to shift my energy around certain things in my personal life or because I wanted positive energy to be flowing when I was prepping to take a major exam. For whatever reason her clients choose to do acupuncture once you’ve had a treatment with Seanna you leave feeling rejuvenated and wanting to go back for more!"

Calandra Hackney, actors equity representative

"Seanna is a guiding light with exceptionally keen insight. Through her acupuncture, my health has improved significantly! While working with Seanna, I have bid farewell to chronic migraines and have learned to tune into my body's physical energy.  I have also learned to use our sessions to unlock challenging roles and other creative work from a uniquely physical perspective. I'm so grateful to work with her. I cannot recommend her enough.

Izzy Anthony, actor