What to Expect

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Preparation for Your treatment

These suggestions are recommended so that you will have a safe and relaxing experience through acupuncture. If you have any questions please contact Seanna prior to your first visit.

  • Please eat a light meal before your appointment.

  • Please bring of list of any medications you are taking, including herbal medicine, supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications.

  • Please bring any labs or reports that you feel are relevant to your condition.

  • Please bring loose fitting clothes.  Acupuncture points are located all over the body.

  • Many commonly used acupuncture points are located between the wrist and elbow and the ankle and knee.

  • Please avoid alcohol during the day of treatment.


First Appointment

Your initial treatment entails a thorough assessment as well as your first treatment.  The intake and treatment typically take an hour and half, depending on your condition.  Seanna will ask you questions regarding your Chief Complaint as well as general questions like sleep patterns, eating habits and your emotions that may be connected to your Chief Complaint.


After this in-depth assessment is finished, Seanna will do a Chinese Medicine Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis.  She will be looking at your tongue and feeling the pulse on your wrist to help further her diagnosis. According to Chinese Medicine, our tongue and pulse is a map of how Qi (energy) is running through our body and can help with determining a unique and personalized treatment plan.  



Needles are usually retained between 30-40 minutes. Relaxing music will be playing and many individuals fall into a deep sleep during acupuncture. The treatment may include other treatment modalities such as tui na (Chinese massage), heat therapy, herbal prescriptions, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


What To Expect After Treatments

You may feel relief of your symptoms immediately, within a few hours after treatment, or within a few days from treatment. It varies from each individual.


Side Effects

Side Effects are rare but may include the following symptoms: dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, sleepiness and light bruising. Staying hydrated and eating a light meal should help minimize any side effects. Any side effects should be reported to Seanna.


Treatment Plan / Follow-Up Treatments

On your first appointment, Seanna will be working with you to develop a unique and customized treatment plan. In general, acute and recent onset conditions usually require two or three treatments. Long-standing and chronic conditions may require weekly appointments for months to bring the body closer toward balance and to optimal health.